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The Southernmost Skunk Ape Society

According to The Florida Keys Skunk Ape Files, the society was established in 1977. Since 2021, Brad has been promoting the society and investigating other reports of Florida cryptids.

Cryptid Magazine Features


“The Ocheesee Wildman” Bigfoot Database Magazine, TMP Press

“Two Egg Stump Jumper” The Islandia Journal Volume 3

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Southernmost Book

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“Semi-fictional, yet fun look at the hidden history of the Skunk Ape in the Keys. Filled with fantastic art and Florida Keys history, this book was extremely enjoyable and highly recommended. Long live the Skunk Ape and the Southernmost Skunk Ape Society!” – Sean Whitley, Director, Southern Fried Bigfoot

The Florida Keys Skunk Ape Files ingeniously combines accounts of the local Sasquatch critter, Florida Keys history, and a loose and entertaining storyline. Fictional characters Cliff and Nick’s adventures tracking down skunk ape facts are met first with closed mouths by the folks they attempt to interview and later with intimidation, like UFO hunters who ruffle the wrong feathers. Real world evidence inevitably boils down to a few repetitive elements, including huge footprints, stinky smells, and bloodcurdling night noises. Historian Brad Bertelli adds fun flesh to centuries of bare bones skunk ape sightings, keeping the monotony at bay with humor and healthy doses of skepticism. It’s a great read and a commendable contribution to cryptozoology and the culture of the Keys.” – Bob Tarte, Author, Feather Brained and Enslaved By Ducks

“Brad’s doing God’s work.” – David Shealy, Foremost Skunk Ape Expert; Founder, Skunk Ape Headquarters and Research Center; Author, On The Tracks Of The Skunk Ape

"The Skunk Ape Files is a delightful exploration of Florida’s history and probably-not-completely-true tales of the Southernmost Skunk Ape. It may not be true, but damn, you want it to be. The X-Files meets William McKeen’s Mile Marker Zero meets the Big Bang Theory. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll want to throw a bag in the car and head to the Keys to find the Skunk Ape Yourself." -- Cathy Salustri, author of Backroads of Paradise: A Journey To Discover Old Florida

"Come for the Skunk Ape. Stay for the history and the wild story about my great, great, great grandfather. Believe it or not, the Skunk Ape Files belongs on your bucket list.” –David Sloan, author of The Key West Bucket List and The Florida Keys Bucket List

The Florida Keys Skunk Ape Files

Featured in the Bigfoot Documentary “168 Hours” by Bigfoot Odyssey

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